#Holiday - Happy National Sea Monkey Day!

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#Holiday - Happy National Sea Monkey Day!

Ansley Ansley

I think just about every kid I knew, including myself, had sea monkeys. Now, that we're all adults I think I let the cat out of the bag and call them what they really are - brine shrimp! These fantastic little creatures provided either hours of amusement or instantaneous disappointment. If I recall correctly, it didn't take long to figure out if they were going to hatch or if the cysts were duds.

Just for kicks I went to google and performed a search. I had no idea sea monkeys were such high maintenance! They have medicine chests for them containing vitamins and there are even ways to spoil your new best friends - with treats and things for them to crawl all over. It's actually really neat, considering it's just brine shrimp. Here's the link to the main site I found.

Did you have sea monkeys as a kid? Do your kids know what they are?
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Rossie Rossie
I've always been curious about them when I was a kid, but never crazy enough to actually get a kit home; so they're just brine shrimps...good thing I didn't spend any money raising shrimps!
Sammi Sammi
I remember getting these once or twice as a kid - but my kids have never heard of them
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
We had them at school but I never had them at home. At school they were put in big fish tank so we could all look at them. When a few died the teacher brought in a microscope so we could see them up close like. I had no idea they were high maintenance though.
Allison.Wilder Allison.Wilder
I had them and loved them like crazy!
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