#Halloween - Halloween Safe Zone

AmberM AmberM
So I'm volunteering at my collage's Safe Zone this year, and I was just wondering if anybody else's cities had a Safe zone?-A safe zone is a place with a whole bunch of booths that are set up by local busunisses that give out candy for a safe and welcoming enviroment for children to trick or treat. I was wondering if this was a normal thing around the country/world or if just my city did it??? I think it is a great thing for the children so that they don't get hurt.
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Errant Venture Errant Venture
I've not heard of such a thing in my area.

How would they make it safe?
AmberM AmberM
They have Cops and everything there, Including City, Campus and the law enforcement academy cadets. Not to mention the candy is bought by a 3rd party (in this case the school system) through donations from the businesses that bought the booths. They are going to have lots of things other then just booths with candy there though Including the fire safety House, A bounce house, face painting and several other things, And performances from the cheer squad and the dance team.
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I've never had one around where I lived. We had something where the school gave out candy, so the kids wouldn't have to go trick-or-treating though. They always went anyway.
Ansley Ansley
We have something similar at churches and one of the grocery chains is having a trick or treating event in store. The malls used to do it, but since the economy tanked I don't think they do it anymore.
Gary Gary
I have heard of this, but there are none in my area that I know of.
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