Have you ever bought a "toy" or Lingerie for your S.O. for a holiday (like upcoming Valentines Day), but you didn't get the response you expected?

Bignuf Bignuf
Was it a better...or worse "reception" then you were planning on??
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Yes, I have had that happen (you can share your story, if you would like).
PropertyOfPotter , Martiniman , BrittaniMaree , srexom
No...I have always gotten the desired and expected response.
Cindi025 , Freyja9 , shorejen9 , Incendiaire , nikki0668
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PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Sure have! The first Valentine's Day after we got married. I was quite pregnant at the time, but wanted to surprise my man with some lingerie since he had never seen me in any. So I told him we were off to do some shopping. We tried a few places I thought would work, but I was too large for any of the sizes in the stores we went in to. It hit me kind of hard.

We ended up at Kmart of all places, and they actually had a few things that worked out for me. We bought them, and made our way home. So, for Valentine's Day, I made sure everything was just right; my husband was in bed waiting for me, we had candles lit, and he was about to see me in lingerie for the first time. I turned the corner into our room and he looked pleased to see me. But when I got into bed, it was like I wouldn't excite him. He ended up not being able to make love to me and I turned into a blubbering mess. It hurt me so much because it wasn't easy for me to do this for him, especially after going to so many places where the clothes didn't fit me right, and because he knew that similar things had happened with my ex husband and so this was that much harder for me.

Needless to say, it was pretty horrible. I felt disgusting and hurt and he got mad at me for feeling that way. It wasn't a good day at all!!!
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
Yes got hubby a fleshlight for Christmas last year he likes it a lot
shorejen9 shorejen9
We ordered Christmas Eden goodies together so I knew he would love them. I was surprised how much he liked the lingerie I bought though.
srexom srexom
Yes, I have had that happen. Wasn't quite as nice as I imagined it.
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