How much is too Much?

ARPKasso ARPKasso
When do you think decorating for the holidays goes overboard?
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js250 js250
I think whatever people are comfortable with is fine. Live and let live, besides--I am too lazy to decorate full on and enjoy looking at the places that do decorate....
LovesAPoet LovesAPoet
I'm one of those people that just loves the holidays. For me, there isn't really a "too much". Some of the light displays are kind of crazy but they're nice to look at so they don't bother me.
edeneve edeneve
when all I see is bright lights & unable to distinguish what I'm looking at.
wildshores wildshores
never! i live for gaudy holiday decor.
Kat and Aaron(aaron) Kat and Aaron(aaron)
We try to keep it simple. A tree is about all we do.
BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
I think that when other people go all out on there homes for Christmas it is cool but I do not want to put that all up and then take it down. I do enjoy seeing it. but if my neighbor has lights flashing and music blaring it would make me mad if they kept it all going late into the night.
pussy licker pussy licker
nothing. I love all the holiday lights
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