Insider info on upcoming sales?

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I, like you, probably have sat there at the computer looking at your cart for hours. Wondering if this is really the toy you want or not. Then, right when your ready to checkout, you notice a toy you have had in your wishlist for months is on sale! So you sit there again, fighting with yourself on what to do, which one should you get? Until you go flippin bonkers!
Does anyone else wish, or is there already a way, to get an inside track on upcoming sales so you can be more prepared when they pop up? Yesterdays's sale was awesome, but there were so many toys I wanted that were 40% off that it was overwhelming.
I'm not sure if it woukld help me, but it would be nice to get a heads up or something.
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Mwar Mwar
It's not really fair or feasible from the company perspective. The sales are there for many reasons. They can be to: promote certain toys, get rid of excess stock, prepare for new versions of toys, and so on. Also having sales on some items can make customers try an item they were hesitant about; the price seals the deal. I think giving a warning would make customers only focus on favorites instead of exploring as well. To ensure the most consistent sales, giving a heads up for people would almost certainly cause issues.

I would suspect that such advanced notice would make certain toys sell out near instantly, putting many toys on backorder, which is something companies like to avoid.

I understand the need for not tell the customer. However, I would love if there was a more accessible way of finding out when companies are making newer versions of toys. I know there's the manufacturing section on the community page, but I feel something more visible and present would be awesome.
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