Santa Clause. Do you believe in him?

Bignuf Bignuf
Okay, please NO ONE go off on me about this being about Jesus and Religion...etc. We all know that.

However, there IS a WORLDWIDE and very historical now image and "storyline" behind the Jolly Old Elf.

For some, that "belief" which, a survey just said "80% of children under 5 still believe in, in the USA", still is part of the magic of the season, and I dare most folks to watch "Miracle on 34th Street" and not feel a tiny touch of magic! simple question for whatever form and whatever the meaning he has to you, DO YOU BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUSE?
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
YES...I believe.
Nope. Grew out of that.
No...never did.
Want to, but just cannot.
Total votes: 58 (54 voters)
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Nazaress Nazaress
I voted "Nope. Grew out of that." I did when I was a kid but obviously as I got older, I realized Santa Claus doesn't exist. I think if I ever have kids, I'm not going to tell them about all these fake holiday figures and other mythological people, like the Tooth Fairy, because they just end up finding out the truth in the end. They end up realizing that you've been lying to them for all those years and you take a childlike wonder out of them that could have been instilled and kept without the aid of fake holiday figures. It may seem mean to not subject children to Santa and the like but I think it's far meaner to do so and then take it away from them. Children can enjoy Christmas (and other holidays) without believing in Santa and by knowing that YOU'RE the one buying them presents, they might gain a better understanding of the value of money. Santa Claus is just a ploy to make kids behave for one part of the year when good parenting can make them behave throughout the entire year. Plus Santa Claus can make a bunch of kids miserable if they come from a poor family, like I did. They won't get as many presents as the richer kids (who may be spoiled, mean, little brats) so they'll think Santa doesn't like them as much. That's such a mean thing to let them think.

That's just my personal opinion, however. Everyone else is free to do what they wish and I am in no way judging others for doing what parents have been doing for years.
Mihoshi4301 Mihoshi4301
I never really believed in Santa Clause much to begin with, but I grew out the little bit that I did a long time ago.
Bignuf Bignuf
I think the SANTA, the one "spirit" of kindness and giving at this time of year...the SANTA from the "DEAR VIRGINIA" letter of long ago, IS the one I would like to say still "lives" least for SOME adults.
Rarity Rarity
While I was growing up, I never really believed in Santa Claus. I really wanted to and would try and delude myself into thinking so. The concept is sweet, I just wish I was raised into believing it.
allinonekid allinonekid
Of course he exists! You can come by my house anytime you want and ask him yourself! Of course, he only replys when you push a button on his foot, and even then he just goes off singing some jolly song and dancing... He's a bit of an odd fellow really. For some reason he decides to stand by my front door all year. You'd think that he'd get bored of that spot after a while. I always ask him who's taking care of the elves and toy making while he is here, but he just goes singing and dancing again...
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
Christmas I think is something the damn corporate america has developed for us to spend money on tons of shit instead of where it needs to go. Back to more stupid corporations.
True Pleasures True Pleasures
I believe there was a historical figure that once live, who inspired the stories of Santa Clause - we discussed it in my German culture class - but I do not believe in the existence of Santa Clause.
GonetoLovehoney GonetoLovehoney
O-o That's a really silly thing to believe in, especially if you're an adult. No magical person gives you gifts, only those who give a damn about you, and that's a maybe. I'd prefer to celebrate 'christmas' the pagan way, drinking, feasting, and raunchy parties with friends.
Megan Jean Megan Jean
I wish he'd come around, then i wouldn't have to buy gifts!
Cherrylane Cherrylane
I honestly don't get the point of the question...
SexyStuff SexyStuff
Aw, tonight everyone should be saying yes!
Illusional Illusional
I did until I put my hand in the fireplace as a kid, burned my hand 2nd degree and decided... he wasn't real LOL
lexical lexical
I am one of those people who doesn't have kids, but debates constantly about what to do about Santa when I do have children. Do you convince them there's a Santa Claus, only to crush them when they find out he's not real? Isn't it lying? Is lying all right when it brings with it a sense of wonder and magic?

In the end...Even though I'm sad and nostalgic about the lost magic of Christmas Eve...I think it was worth it for me. Besides, it taught me to look for magic in other places, even after Santa didn't come to my house anymore Now I find magic in giving gifts myself, cooking incredible meals, and visiting with family members I haven't seen since last year.

lexical lexical
Whoops, accidentally double posted!
I never did and used to have a terribly fun time ruining other children's belief in him. I was mean!
shcoo shcoo
I figured it out when I was four years old, actually. I was never into the story, never mystified by it.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
I believe he lives in spirit, but not really in physical form.
He is, for me at least, the spiritual representation of the 'spirit of the season' and holiday cheer.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
As a kid but not now.
Eucaly Eucaly
Did you misspell it on purpose?
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I used to but I grew out of it. I will not lie to my future children and make them believe in something that's not real.
sktb0007 sktb0007
Nope. I'm a non-believer.
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I did when I was a kid. But when I was like 7 my mom told me the truth.
Ansley Ansley
I will never let adulthood take away my belief in all things mystical or magical, except for maybe the Easter Bunny.
Jasco Jasco
I wish I did
Forever17 Forever17
ive been to shamballa everything exsists. REALLY
eeep eeep
I grew out of it at around 5 I think. Tens to work out where kids go to school and have an older kid tell them he is not real, breaking the illusion.
deltalima deltalima
Originally posted by Bignuf
Okay, please NO ONE go off on me about this being about Jesus and Religion...etc. We all know that.

However, there IS a WORLDWIDE and very historical now image and "storyline" behind the Jolly Old Elf.

For some, that ...
I don't think I really did. Can't be sure though.
geliebt geliebt
No. I asked my dad point blank when I was 4 whether santa was real, and he told me the truth. And THAT was the day that he learned I do not like being lied to, under any circumstances!
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