Sleeping arrangements for Holiday guests?

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Sleeping arrangements for Holiday guests?

Kat and Aaron(aaron) Kat and Aaron(aaron)
When you have overnight guests for the holidays, what kind of sleeping arrangements do you make?
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We've got plenty of room for all guests.
sXeVegan90 , Trysexual , brevado , AHubbyof2SexualMinds
We give up our bed for our guests.
The kids give up their beds for our guests.
Kat and Aaron(aaron)
The guests get the couch.
Kitka , Taylor , AliMc , MissClara , Rory , tequilafish , Ciao. , Geogeo
Our guests stay in a hotel.
Rossie , married with children , funluvinmama , Ciao. , dv8
Kitka , Taylor , Chilipepper , Gone (LD29) , edeneve , gsfanatic , funluvinmama , skeeterlynn , TransGuy14 , LavenderSkies , xOhxSoxScandalousx
Total votes: 29 (25 voters)
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Kitka Kitka
When we have guests they get the couch or the air mattress.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Air mattress, although they're better off in an hotel, as this place is as sound-proof as a tent and there is always someone awake at night and making noise. We rarely have overnight guests, anyway.
Taylor Taylor
The only guest who ever really stays with me is my brother and I make him sleep on the couch.

If it was someone else I might give them my bed.

I do have a spare bed in the basement, and while I might be okay sleeping down there, I wouldn't be too comfortable with someone else being down there where all my bondage stuff is.
Rossie Rossie
Although we have a guest room, we still book and pay for our relatives or friends to stay at nearby hotels, because we like our personal space and don't want to clean up after them.
sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
We have two guest rooms.
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
We very rarely have guests stay with us.
Rory Rory
We have had as many as 6 here and the couches and blow up mattress's were full!
gsfanatic gsfanatic
As is, they either get the bed or a foldout. Occasionally, we've been so full that blow up mattresses were necessary
funluvinmama funluvinmama
my family either get a hotel or sometimes my dad brings his motor home.

Hubby's mom and grandma sleep on the couches when they come.
brevado brevado
Lots of space
skeeterlynn skeeterlynn
All gusts live nearby and go home.
TransGuy14 TransGuy14
We don't have guests, if we do they'll sleep on the couch though.
Ciao. Ciao.
We don't have a ton of extra space for guests, but we have an air mattress and a futon and can usually make things work, or people just stay in a hotel.
Kat and Aaron(aaron) Kat and Aaron(aaron)
Our space is limited, so we usually move to the kids to the couch or den floor. Seems to work for us.
Geogeo Geogeo
Originally posted by Kat and Aaron(aaron)
When you have overnight guests for the holidays, what kind of sleeping arrangements do you make?
I don't have guests over but when I go to see my family I sleep on my sister's couch, which my nephew always calls my bed now
AHubbyof2SexualMinds AHubbyof2SexualMinds
The only person who comes to stay is my mother-in-law and we have the toddler's playroom which we've set up a corner of as a guest room with a futon.
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