Turkey stuffing - your favorite recipe?

loveme loveme
If you wouldn't mind sharing, what is your favorite stuffing recipe?
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Mwar Mwar
I cut spicy italian sausage in our stuffing along with:

Fresh Parsley
Sun-dried Tomatoes
We cube different breads. We've cubed old focaccia breads. They make great bread for stuffing.
Some poultry stock
And some other things - seasonings are to taste but I like using hot hungarian paprika among other things.

I don't actually stuff the turkey. I make it more as a dressing since stuffing a turkey alters the cooking time.
no longer here no longer here
Mrs makes her stuffing with cornbread and pork sausage. Sometimes we add apples or nuts. There is onion and celery and butter. Don't have the recipe handy and we tend to tweek. Usually start with a bag of cornbread stuffing and go from there.
My mom makes a really good cornbread stuffing, but I don't have the recipe. It has a nice non-gooey texture though.
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
..stove top. Homemade stuffing grosses me out.
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