What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Avalee Avalee
What are your Thanksgiving plans?
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~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Originally posted by Avalee
What are your Thanksgiving plans?
Travel an hour an a half to my bf's parents house for their thanksgiving at noon and then drive 2.5 more hours to my house for thanksgiving with my parents. For the break I plan to shop, do plenty of reviews, and school papers, as well as work on my 64 Valiant getting it ready for winter.

What are yours?
bzzingbee bzzingbee
I'm also driving to parents. Just an hour each way for me to my mom's. Luckily, my divorced parents get along, so my dad will be joining us at her house for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm baking a cherry pie and bringing some cranberry sauce. I was supposed to be working that day, but got 'forced off'. That's ok though, I get the overtime for Friday...overtime = more $$$ for more toys, mwahahahahah

Yes, tell us yours!
Jul!a Jul!a
Drive halfway across the country to spend it with my sister and grandmother, then try and Skype with my fiance and mom to hear how things went with her side of the family.
MasterBlaster MasterBlaster
Omg So much to do I gotta start now...
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Cook for the family (only parents and brother, no one else). I'm one of those weirdos who likes to cook ... although my mother directing me in the kitchen is NOT what I'm looking forward to.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
A simple day at home with a lot of good food, including some culinary indulgences I only save for the holidays.
kinky girlfriend kinky girlfriend
Originally posted by Avalee
What are your Thanksgiving plans?
stay home with my parents,eat a little. just another day off work to me. Probly be sick and stuck on the toilet alot with ibs,as the same like everday..I will probly see my boyfriend thanksgiving night and maybe we will watch a movie.
sweet sally sweet sally
going across the street to the inlaws. then jumping in the rv with the sand rail on the back and heading south for some fun!
Envy Envy
Got days switched at work so I get it and the day after off and will be dragged around by family pretty much. Going to try to enjoy some time to myself though, hopefully.
Kim! Kim!
I just returned to Buffalo, NY from Florida for a week. It's sad to be back but at least it isn't snowy and really cold!
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