What did you receive for Valentines Day?

kittycatgirl kittycatgirl
I saw a few discussions about specific gifts, or types of gifts, but I would just like to know what all of you received (if anything) for Valentine's Day.
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kittycatgirl kittycatgirl
I'll start things off. I got (well I WILL get in a few weeks) a couples massage at our favorite massage place. I bought my fiance the Liberator Wedge & Liberator Throe. That's actually how I discovered Eden, while looking for a sexy present for him!
TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers (shaped like two dogs kissing) sent to my work.

Then he took me out to a really nice fancy dinner and to a local body-safe-only sex store. He bought me lube, a GORGEOUS silicone dildo, and another wahl.

It was a fantastic night.
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