What did your partner do for you today?

js250 js250
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My husband got a stuffed animal for me, shampooed the carpet(!!YES!!) and is making dinner. Then it is my turn to make him a happy man. How did you get spoiled?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
Um, nothing. (Long distance with a five hour time difference.) Not even a response to the photos I sent him that he knew I was sending.

I really shouldn't let it bother me, but I kind of like an acknowledgement the same day, no matter what day it is. Men tend to think in a poly-chronic time frame ... "I'm responding this year, right?"
js250 js250
He had better get back to you soon!! Men usually have a delayed timing mechanism, though so I wouldn't take it too personally.
lil ladybug lil ladybug
My hubby works nights so we celebrated during the day and afterwards he made me breakfast and surprised me with all the usual lovely sentiments. He did good
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I feel crappy because neither of us did anything. I have no idea why not, I don't think we even kissed today...Jesus whats wrong with us? We got old...
married with children married with children
I came home to an angry wife. happy V-day to me
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