What is your favorite pet?

lalalalove lalalalove
KiraCat KiraCat
You didn't include rodents! I love my pair of dwarf hamsters.
battleaxe battleaxe
I love most animals, but dogs hold a special place in my heart
Lucifer the Cat Lucifer the Cat
This is such a hard one! I've always been a cat person, but dogs have really been growing on me recently since I've been working for a dog walking business. I love them both now! But I still think I couldn't live without cats...
Slutty Girl Problems Slutty Girl Problems
CinnamonNights CinnamonNights
I like various animals, but my favorite animal is a cat (and a duck!)
LaSchwartz LaSchwartz
I love dogs. cats are ok but both my husband and I have allergies so it's not pretty.
friendswithfangs friendswithfangs
i love dogs the most, but i'm not sure i'd have another readily, theyre so expensive and so much work to properly care for.
i like cats a lot but i'm allergic.
i think if i get another pet i'd like a small snake perhaps, or a rodent. if nothing else, then a succulent garden would be an acceptable replacement haha
cagypsy cagypsy
I am not really a pet person. I like to travel a lot and don't think its fair to have a pet and leave them home with just a friend stopping by to feed them when I am gone. However when I do have pets for whatever reason its usually fish. Cause I can keep it in a brandy sniffer on the counter and flush it when it eventually passes on.
peachmarie peachmarie
I like cat's and dogs, I'm pretty open about all pets. I just can't be around rabbits, ferrite's, hamsters, gerbils, etc. Because I am allergic.
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