What will you get your SO for Valentine's Day?

phoenixfire phoenixfire
Hubby's birthday is Valentine's Day, so I need some help! I would love to save up a bunch of points here on Eden and get him something nice, or several smaller things. He has his eye on a particular toy (which has been out of stock forever, sigh) but how should I choose if I can't get that one? He doesn't have a ton of fantasies, and most of what I get from Eden I get for my own curiosity and education. I already have a little set aside, and I've got about a month to go, but I probably can't spring something really expensive.

How would you choose? All suggestions welcome!
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AwesomeAmanda AwesomeAmanda
I'm getting my fiance the fuck me silly 2 mega masturbator. He has been wanting it ever since i found eden. I've been saving for over a month already and i'm over halfway there. Im hoping to get a little over that i can take advantage of some sales also and get some other sensual romantic stuff also.
fizzygato fizzygato
Nothing, ha.

I don't have one, so I just plan on buying myself lots of sexy gifts when Valentines sales come up
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