Whats everyone cooking for Turkey day?

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Whats everyone cooking for Turkey day?

Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
Everyone has their own recipes and ways they like to cook on thanksgiving, what are some of yours?

This year i'm not cooking for many people so ill be roasting a 12LB Turkey in an open roaster rack. Usually ill rub butter/veg oil on the skin, accompanied by salt, pepper, thyme, basil, rosemary, and oregano. Sometimes i use stuffing, this year i think ill place a whole onion inside with some butter. Homemade Green Bean Casserole, from scratch mashed Potatoes, got to have some corn, stuffing on the side, some yummy gravy from scratch, and from scratch pumpkin pie and pecan pie. mmmmmm

I've been waiting to make all these, for the past week everyone in my apartment complex has been roasting turkeys on different days and the smell is making me hungry.

EDIT: oooo i remember what i forgot, honey-glazed carrots im also cooking. super nummy
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married with children married with children
roasted turkey, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh vegies, fruit salad, key lime pie, cheesecake with cherries from my tree. everything made from scratch.
Cookie Monster Mike Cookie Monster Mike
mmm cheesecake with cherries. That sounds good, i haven't really had cheesecake in a long time but that sounds super delicious.
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