Anaïs Nin: great author or overrated?

Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
I'm looking for opinions on Anaïs Nin, female author of early 20th century erotica.
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Anaïs Nin wrote some of the finest works of erotic fiction.
Kake aka PoeticErotica
1  (11%)
Anaïs Nin wrote some of the finest works of erotic fiction for her era, but they do not compare to today's works.
1  (11%)
Anaïs Nin was an important author, but her works were not very good.
Anaïs Nin was a hack who wrote for money.
I know of Anaïs Nin, I want to read her books.
I know of Anaïs Nin, I don't want to read her books.
Who is Anaïs Nin?
married with children , missdizzy , The Curious Couple , darthkitt3n , ily , slynch , Devz
7  (78%)
Total votes: 9
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Kake aka PoeticErotica Kake aka PoeticErotica
She's incomparable and still relevant today - the true test of a writer. She can turn a phrase in such a way as to take my breath away. There are very few writers of her calibre not only now but in her time & I don't feel she's overrated. Rather, I find she's underrated and largely unknown in this day and age.
married with children married with children
I have never heard of her. sorry
missdizzy missdizzy
Gonna have to do some research on her!
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I haven't heard of Anaïs Nin. I'll have to look her up.
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