Any bronies on here?

Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
so was reading the paper this weekend when I discovered:

and started watching on netflix....
Im amazed love it
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Peggi Peggi
I have not, do not, and will not ever classify myself as a brony, as I have been a fan since childhood, however, I DO love the show, I AM loyal to it, and unfortunately most of the people I've seen who classify themselves as a brony tend to be trolls or doing it for trend. So I typically don't talk about MLP, because I don't want to be lumped in with the "she just loves this new trend" group.

BUT for those who are just simply new to the show and DO genuinely love it, more power to them! I just think they should join MY group of being "just MLP fans" rather than following the whole "trend" thing
T&A1987 T&A1987
Kayla Kayla
Partner is more into it, but I surprisingly ended up liking it too. I like the baby ponies in season 2 the most. I think we're supposed to end up attending a MLP conference in August. I'm not sure if this is awesome or what. We'll see.
ScarletFox ScarletFox
While I do not consider myself a brony I am a huge fan of the show.
Scrawberry78 Scrawberry78
I would dress up in cosplay but not a brony.
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
Originally posted by T&A1987
Shakes hand.. Nice too meet you!
Sundae Sparkles Sundae Sparkles
If I had know the convention was going on in my town ahead of time I prob would have ran down just too meet a brony and watch them in their natural habitat... Im sure I would have bought a tail while I was at it too XP
the show is mad fun and reminds me of my childhood...
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