Bar Karma

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Bar Karma

namelesschaos namelesschaos
Anyone else watch the show Bar Karma? link

If you don’t know about it, Bar Karma is a unique concept. The show itself is about a cosmic bar were individuals about to face a significant choice find themselves. The staff at the bar then try to lead them to the right decision. What makes the show unique is that the show is community created; people pitch ideas, vote on elements of the shoes that all make it in to the final show. link

So anyone else watch it? Have any thoughts on the concept?
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freshbananas freshbananas
Never heard of it. What channel does it air on?
namelesschaos namelesschaos
It airs on current TV. I watch it via on Demand since if I have current TV on my channel list I haven't found it . Which makes the viewing experience a little meta, like a patron who mysteriously finds themselves in Bar Karma, I find myself mysteriously finding on Demand listing for this show I never heard on on a network I didn't know existed.

BTW if you do start watching I recommend watching episode 5 before giving up on the series, it the first were everything really gelled together.
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