Looking for the Best Erotica!

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Looking for the Best Erotica!

MidnightStorm MidnightStorm
Hey guys! I've had a bit of an itch to watch some porn lately, but porn doesn't really do it for me. What does, however, is literature! I love reading erotica! I'm really interested in picking up some quality erotica to read in upcoming weeks during the cold season--does anyone have any suggestions for me? I am, generally speaking, interested in well-written books/stories, although a solid plot isn't extremely important. I'm a huge fan of solid descriptions, semi-real characters, and witty banter!

It doesn't have to be a book that they sell on Eden, but since I have lots of points and no money, that does help a little.

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Mikemanz Mikemanz
there is a collection of Victorian porn literature called "the pearl". very hot, with subjects that are far ranging. they were serials, but are complete in the book. amazon has it - you WON'T be sorry!!!
yw2 yw2
I'll be honest, the only true erotica I've read is "50 Shades". I've read a lot of average steamy romance though. In the future, I'm planning to check out Anne Rice's erotica. I love her vampires, so I don't doubt that it would be good.

There's also an erotic version of Pride and Prejudice here on Eden that might interesting.
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