big brother and ppls opinion of Rachel

The Mother of a SiNner The Mother of a SiNner
am i the only one who thinks shes a cry baby whiner and find her annoying my duaghter hates her face which i find kind of mean any thoughts?
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Destri Destri
I didn't mind her when she was on there before, but this season she is soooo annoying! I can't understand what Brandon sees in her. Yack. Now, Jordan I just adore. She is the sweetest thing.
hjtee hjtee
I'm with your daughter. I can't even stand the look of her. I started watching BB12 again, and she wasn't nearly as irritating at first. I think being on tv really messed her up. Her voice, her laugh, everything is terrible. I really hope she doesn't act that way in real life. I also can't stand Jordan. She's portrayed differently on the show, compared with how she acts on the live feeds. She's a brat in the house, but the editors make her look sweet.

(Going back to Rachel's voice, in BB12-episode 5, when she tells the others it's time for the Nomination Ceremony, her voice is way more normal. I think the BB13 voice isn't her real voice, it's an act.)
Lioncub Lioncub
She annoys the daylights out of me...when she talks I mute the tv.
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