Book Reading Promises

Bethy Cassatt Bethy Cassatt
For New Years, I'm promising myself to read at least 30 books next year, if not, at least read Ulysses. What books do you really want to read this coming year?
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I definitely want to find a good biography on Marcus Aurelius and read his Meditations. I think I'd also like to find a copy of Bruce Lee's book; the philosophy aspect of it is appealing to me. As far as novels are concerned, I normally get to them right away, so I'll probably read a dozen over the next year but I don't currently have a list. Since its been a few years, I might go back and re-read a couple books I first read while in high school. I'm thinking Siddhartha, maybe Brave New World, Corelli's Mandolin, and possibly a couple others.
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
Actually my book related goal this year is to seriously start working on my novel, I've been neglecting it for ages now. x_x

As for reading goals...possibly to finally read a few of the non-fiction books I bought. xD
CaseyDeuce CaseyDeuce
My book goal for the New Year? Actually read the books that I binge-buy on amazon. I'm about 15 books behind at the moment.
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