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Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
Do you read the books that have also been made into movies or do you just watch the film and skip the book. I know this is a played out topic, but I seriously had a friend tell me this weekend that books are no where near as good as movies and that basically books are BS and pointless. I just wanted to see how many people agree with my dumb ass of a friend
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married with children married with children
I watch the movie. I have two kids and other activities going on that limit my time. So if I can speed it up with a movie I will. If the movie or the story in the movie is a great one, I will take the time and read the books.
romstomp romstomp
I read the books whenever available, for some reason I have trouble sitting through full movies and TV shows, but I can read for 6-10 straight with no problem
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel most cases I've usually read the book long before a movie version comes out, and if I haven't I make it a point to.
I always like to read the book version as a basis for comparison to see how hollywood messed with the story (like with LoTR, they did a good job but because the movies were long as hell already they did have to skip some good parts).
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