Brave Anime characters?

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Brave Anime characters?

kdlt kdlt
My little sister absolutely loves anime (and manga, for that matter). She's been recycling old anime because no one has introduced her to anything new in a while. I definitely don't know much about the stuff so I thought I'd ask here: What shows are worth suggesting? She is especially fond of brave main characters that have a goal and "never give up." (Think: Kamina, Luffy, etc.)
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I Am Sherlocked I Am Sherlocked
It depends on if she likes more action focused anime, or drama focused anime. Just in general though, I'd suggest "Fruits Basket"- that one is fantastic, full of humor, drama, and a great plot.
"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is most amusing- very hilarious with very unique characters, and lots of fantasy/sci-fi. However, the show has some sexual themes, so depending on what age she is.
"XXXHolic" is a good one- lots of comedy and paranormal things.
"The Wallflower" Is also fun and hilarious. And I'd also suggest "Fushigi Yugi", though it really depends on what she likes. This one is quite an older anime, so the animation isn't extremely crisp, but it's got a good storyline. Might try looking some of those up to see if she'd like any of those.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
"Iria: Zeiram the Animation" - teenage female bounty hunter chasing the monster that killed her brother. (OAV mini-series)

"Slayers" - main character is a female magic user that plows through all obstacles, even if they are silly and crazy. (multiple series)

"The Big O" - robot anime set in American film noir style about a professional negotiator and the mysteries of the city he works in. A lot of his philosophy is about bravery and responsibility. (series)

"Cased Closed/Detective Conan" - teenage detective magically turned into a kid, and he continues to solve crimes by using his brains and some neat gadgets (and a killer soccer kick). (series)
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