Three days to new Doctor Who (no spoilers)

G.L. Morrison G.L. Morrison
I can't think of anything else. At the beginning of the month I started watching Classic Who from the beginning. Just literally cannot wait. Had a DW party last week. Planning on another next month... a time traveler's dinner with discussion on polyamory, sex and ethics with and without a TARDIS.

What have you been doing to while away the time between episodes?
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Virgingasms Virgingasms
I've been watching episodes on Amazon, the hiatus has been killing me!
Peggi Peggi
I actually just recently got into DW, I haven't seen classic yet but I am now on season 6 and am trying to take it as slow as possible to avoid devastation when there is nothing left until a few more days from now! I'm very excited to be a part of the fandom, though, and am very addicted to it
rosythorn rosythorn
Between this and Game of Thrones my weekend is made!
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