Desperate Housewives- which character are you?

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Desperate Housewives- which character are you?

chantalgiardina chantalgiardina
Im so sad to see my favorite show go! i loved watching it every Sunday night and now i have no idea how to spend all my spare time since the show is ending.

Which housewife do you think you are more like?

I'd have to say Lanette...
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Ansley Ansley
I'm a little bit of everyone, even the guys to some degree. I have the drive and ambition of Lynette and Bree, but I have the same dreamy, hopeful and optimistic attitude that Tom does when it comes to work. I'm sexy and sassy like Gaby. Renee...I'm not so much like, but she has a heart gold and I'd like to think the same of myself. And I can be just as neurotic over stupid drama like Susan, but she too has a heart of gold and she's been through a lot and some of it is similar to things I've been through. (Except, you know, all the death stuff.)

I'm sad it's ending and I totally missed last night's episode. Boo.
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