Do you have such thoughts too?

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Sometimes on the radio I hear some hosts who sound like... Well... Like the guys in the movies who are total cowards, and have that "rabbiting" rat-face!

Well of course I have never heard any host sounding like a coward or such a type of person, you know, that "weasel type", but I can't help to call them rat-face guys! (You bet I don't sympathize with them... ~blushes)

Does it happen with you too sometimes that you hear a voice and can't help that you associate right away?
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Master DarkWolf Master DarkWolf
I always think of rat-face too when I hear them!
sunsplash sunsplash
hehe lol
sunsplash sunsplash
their the guys who own the roller skating rink!!!
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
meet a ton of radio DJ's in my life, and they all have rat faces. Like the dudes with the window less vans. Creep the crap out of me!!!
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