Do you watch any scary movies on Halloween?

Wonderstruck Wonderstruck
We sometimes watch quite a few on Halloween and I know some have traditions on watching their favorite scary movie on Halloween. So, do you watch any?
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spookycutie spookycutie
of course!!!
neil i. neil i.
I watch a lot of movies in general, and lots of horror films during October. I don't always watch on Halloween, but I definitely get my fill in the surrounding weeks.
haley730 haley730
Every Halloween I watch scary movies, it's a tradition.
travelnurse travelnurse
Yes, I like the scary movies!
Taylor Taylor
No I don't like scary movies. I think watching the news is scary enough!
DomonCoshu DomonCoshu
Yes, I love horror movies! Going to watch Wrong Turn 1 - 5 and hopefully Halloween(greatest horror movie series]!
Rossie Rossie
I didn't wait till Halloween, I've been watching scary movies on Syfy channel all week long already!
Apirka Apirka
Oh my god yes! I LOVE scary movies and actually prefer watching them to other types, and all year round as well. But it's pretty awesome that all through October, so many TV channels have scary movies playing so I don't have to download so many.
Huff Huff
Not anymore. They have too much slashing and not enough scaring for my taste.
Oh yes! And almost every night leading up to Halloween from the week before. I'm a horror fanatic.
Zombirella Zombirella
Of course, all month long! But then again, I watch horror movies all the time; LOVE them!
ShadowedSeductress ShadowedSeductress
Oh yea! I like to watch them all the time though. Now that my boyfriend and I live alone together, I watch them a little less though
ginnyluvspotter ginnyluvspotter
all day and nite long
married with children married with children
not a fan of horror movies
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