Dog The Bounty Hunter???

WetJenn WetJenn
I watch alot of TV late night and was watching some new episodes of Dog the Bounty hunter, and think that it is time for him to retire. lol. Any one else agree?
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Errant Venture Errant Venture
I've not seen any recent episodes (or even any episodes recently). What makes you think it's time for him to retire?
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I never watched the series, but I saw part of it the other day when I was down at my in-laws. i don't know if it was a new episode or not, but maybe just do your job and not worry about tv.
Ghost Ghost
Haven't seen that show in years..
Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
He's an F'n joke!
Superbals Superbals
i've never even watched a whole episode so maybe i don't get too much of a say but i really just don't like him at all from what i have seen
CaliGirl CaliGirl
I haven't seen it in a while but yea you're probably right
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