How many have gone to see the political movie 2016?

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How many have gone to see the political movie 2016?

Bignuf Bignuf
Did you go into it already knowing how you felt towards this election? Did seeing that movie sway you in any way..or change how you are going to vote?

Just curious how much effect a movie like that has on real voters, or is it just "chow" for those already feeling the way the movies producers do?

You do NOT need to SAY how you will vote or identify your political persuasion...just a question about if this kind of movie CHANGED YOUR MIND (one way or another), in ANY way?
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I live in CA - so no matter what - all the electoral votes will go to Obama. The popular vote is meaningless. I just vote for the propositions because they do affect our lives more directly.

As for 2016 or Michael Moore's hatchet job on GWB, they are a waste of money. GWB won and its likely that Obama will as well.
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