How many times a day do your kids watch the same movie?

Kat and Aaron(aaron) Kat and Aaron(aaron)
It seems 'Brave' has been playing 24/7 all week around here.

How many times a day do your kids watch the same movie?
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
Does my mother's Second Childhood count? She watches "Oliver!" about three times a day, although it's sliding over to "Jesus Christ Superstar" (once a day so far, but sometimes twice).
Curiouscat Curiouscat
I don't have kids- but I baby sit my sister in-laws little girl and we watch the little mermaid almost every day sometimes twice a day. She likes repetition! xD
Sammi Sammi
Mine don't do this any more, but when they were younger, they could watch the same movie over and over for weeks on end. The Road To Eldorado was probably the most popular in our house - I probably still know the whole thing by heart.
Beck Beck
OMG! I can't tell you how many times I have watch Spongebob. It's driving me mad!! LMAO
Rraine Rraine
My niece watches Despicable Me at least 5 times a day. @.@
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