Lana del Rey

Love her? Hate her? Think her lips are weird as hell?
I'm completely in love with her music right now though it's so very manufactured and over-produced. I just can't help myself. Her voice isn't like anyone I've heard before in that it isn't so perfect.
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Errant Venture Errant Venture
I've only heard one or two of her songs, but I thought they were decent enough.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I love the song Videogames and Born To Die. I think those are amazing songs! I like the one where she says, "this is what makes us girls!" Yeah, that one's catchy. I don't know a whole lot about her but I think she's gorgeous and for some reason listening to her music makes me want to make kissie lips and makeout. lol.
Roz W Roz W
I don't think her lyrics are very good. I don't think she deserves all the hate, she's just pretty meh overall.

In terms of imperfect voices, there's Fiona Apple, who's a lot more interesting musically/lyrically.
TheCleansing TheCleansing
She's absolutely.... okay.

No more than that.
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