Do you mix music with natural sounds? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
I hear that amazing idea at a classical radio station that they offer you the chance with a subscription to mix the music with any chosen natural sounds... It's such an amazing idea! W/we often fall asleep listening to my Baby's Screensaver set with raining sounds - though it rains a LOT here, so I should rather say just sometimes...

Do you mix music with natural sounds?
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I do that all the time!
I do that a lot!
I do that sometimes!
1  (17%)
I never do that and am not interested!
2  (33%)
What a cool idea, gotta do that in the future!
3  (50%)
Other? :)
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ksparkles16 ksparkles16
Sounds really neat!
Sometimes! It is really soothing.
MissCandyland MissCandyland
Sounds like it could be relaxing.
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