Modern Families?

T&A1987 T&A1987
I keep hearing about how great this show is and after watching a few episodes I don't get it. It seems to be a basic sitcom, except that it takes itself WAY too seriously. the plots and endings (tonight, their express christmas fell apart and the ending was whitewashed, literally, by someone getting a snow machine. This is a common trope to end christmas shows on a happy note.) are similar to traditional sitcoms, yet it's treated as though it were a special revolutionary show. I don't think it's bad per se, just not as special as it's portrayed.
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Jul!a Jul!a
I really haven't watched much of it. I've seen a few episodes though. Enough to know I'll probably enjoy watching it and enough to go "hey, that's the asshole from Dawn of the Dead!" but not enough to really suck me in.
I love this show. The gay couple with the asian baby crack my shit up.
Cherrylane Cherrylane
Originally posted by GRRRRR
I love this show. The gay couple with the asian baby crack my shit up.
Same. And I love Gloria.

I don't think it's ground breaking or anything though. However, I have a family member who's older and rather conservative, and she and her also conservative boyfriend watch it and love it. I think they're the sort of people who might find it, idk, "ground breaking." I think it makes them feel good about themselves to watch something with "diverse" people.... but it also helps that they can laugh at the stereotypes. That's sort of a turn off, for me, but w/e,
GravyCakes GravyCakes
i watch it when i remember to. i like it. there was 1 episode that almost made me piss myself once.
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