Have your musical tastes evolved over time?

Scarlette Starr Scarlette Starr
Have your musical tastes changed since you were in high school? Explain.
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Ansley Ansley
Nope. I listened to classic rock then and I listen to classic rock now.
Life's Little Secrets Life's Little Secrets
When I was younger I listened to alot of pop music, then I moved to country, after that was rap. Now at 23yrs old I listen to punk rock (Sum 41, New Found Glory, Simple Plan, SR-71 etc.), rock ( Three Days Grace, Linkin Park etc.), classic rock (The Eagles), and alternative (Blue October). So to say my taste in music has changed is an understatement lol.
squire squire
Nope. I listen based on mood so I find myself going back and listening to things I listened to as a kid, or things I heard my parents listen too (which really was the best kind of music IMHO) when I was young.
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