Shpongle, ever heard of them?

Gary A. Gary A.
Listen to this if you enjoy generally trippy/electronic music. I love shpongle. Awesome stuff

A New Way To Say Hooray!

'So! You take let us assume a third toke; long and slow. You vaporise and you take it in and in and in... and there is a sound like the crumpling of a plastic bread wrapper or the crackling of flame and a tone. A mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
and there is this.......
There is a cheer. The gnomes have learned a new way to say hooray.
The walls, such they be, are crawling with geometric hallucinations.
Very brightly coloured, very irridescent. Deep sheens and very highly reflective surfaces
everything is machine-like and polished and throbbing with energy but that is not what immediately arrests my attention. What arrests my attention is the fact that this space is inhabited.
And so like jewelled self dribbling basketballs these things come running forward and what they are doing with this visible language that they create is they are making gifts! They are making gifts for you and they will say ...'
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Wtf is Shpongle?
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BobbiJay BobbiJay
The only reason I know who Shpongle is, is because of my sisters boyfriend. I have to say they are pretty amazing!!
kz916 kz916
no sorry havent heard of them.
HomuHomu HomuHomu
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
Dorset Perception + remixes. mmm.
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