Smile Sessions Release: You Listenin'?

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Beach Boys diehards have already heard the fan reconstructions of the original Smile sessions - fan guesses at how this project was meant to be heard. (Fuck Smiley Smile; I won't even listen to that mangling of Brian Wilson's baby!) But, at last, Brian Wilson is releasing a mix of those original Smile sessions on November 1st. This will be the most reasonable facsimile to how he heard this album in his head so many decades ago.

For Beach Boys freaks and music geeks all around, this is the Holy Grail of lost albums. Suffice it to say, I've already pre-ordered my copy ages ago like a total dork. I'm already wondering if they'll push the "Iron horse, iron horse..." vocals up in "Cabinessence" and other minor things that have plagued me re: fan reconstructions.

Any other audiophiles and geeks planning to check this out upon release?
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Brian Wilson is one of the most brilliant composers and masters of counterpoint of our time. YES.
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4  (50%)
I'm lukewarm to the genius that is Brian Wilson, but still copping the album to see what the fuss is about.
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4  (50%)
I don't get it. What's counterpoint?
No. All those harmonies make my head spin.
There is NO OTHER. This is a divisive issue!
Okay, maybe there is an "other" option.
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