The Avengers Dildos (yes, really the comic book characters)

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The Avengers Dildos (yes, really the comic book characters)

LoooveMonkey LoooveMonkey
WHY can't these be real?! T^T

Avengers Dildos

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Missy27 Missy27
For some reason, these are very appealing to me. I wish they really were available, I think I would get the whole collection.
Taylor Taylor
awesome! I'd definitely get one if they were available
mr115393 mr115393
I feel like my girlfriend is going to have a hard time not buying them all. Not really to use for masturbation, because she's not really into sex toys, but just to have. And kind of put on top of her television as decoration.
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Very creative - nice work!
Stilinski-Hale Stilinski-Hale
I need every single one of these, right now. Plus one for Loki~! Like two sets one to use and one to never take out of the box and just look at how cool they are LOL.
mrs williams mrs williams
omg those are awesome, the Hulk one is pretty crazy looking...these are cooler than the monster ones, like the zombie dildo, that one was creepy
KyotoAngel KyotoAngel
What, no Loki? Of course they'd leave out the one hot man/"bad guy". ;3
That Hulk one looks terrifyingly large though... o.e

Out of these, I like the Thor design the best, not sure why.
That Hawkeye one looks a bit plain really.
MissAdara MissAdara
Would so WANT! And yes, they need a Loki!
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