The avengers

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The avengers

spineyogurt spineyogurt
These super hero movies seem to be hit or miss. I liked thor and iron man ok but thought Cap was terrible. You guts think thisll be any good? Especially for comic book fans?
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plaidvulva plaidvulva
I'm a huge Marvel fan. Captain America has been my favorite of the bunch. Loved me some Hulk (the one with Edward Norton) and enjoyed the Iron Mans. The only Marvel movie I didn't enjoy was Thor.

That being said, I am EXCITED for Avengers. Going to be waiting in the midnight showing line while reading some Ultimates (Ultimate being my favorite universe). It should be a great film for both comic book fans and those that don't read comics.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I was surprised by how good the Iron Man movies were. I haven't seen Thor or Capt. America yet.

I'm only going to watch this because of Joss Whedon. I always thought the Avengers were clown shoes.
married with children married with children
I might watch it, it sounds like it could be fun.
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