Transformers vs Iron Man

interestingstuff interestingstuff
Which would you rather have? A Transformer best friend or an Iron Man suit?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Transformer bff
Peggi , ~LaUr3n~ , Kkay , Ash1141 , LaSchwartz , unfulfilled , geliebt , poetprincess , Eucaly , LoveDove , GeekWife , Lummox , Stephanie Majors , Highmaintenancegirl916 , jeangel246 , Rin (aka Nire) , interestingstuff
17  (52%)
Iron Man suit
BlooJay , Errant Venture , Ghost , El-Jaro , Lucky21 , OhMy! , AngelvMaynard , GenderSexplorations , married with children , Pink Jewel , null , dv8 , The Curious Couple , BBW Talks Toys , EnterTheFist , slynch
16  (48%)
Total votes: 33
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Peggi Peggi
I vote a Transformer because even with the suit, I'm still too lazy to really use it!
Kkay Kkay
Tranformers. Unless the suit comes with JARVIS, like the movies!
sktb0007 sktb0007
Definitely a transformer!
Errant Venture Errant Venture
The transformer thing had never really interested me. The IM suit, on the other hand, looks cool. And you get to fly yourself.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Iron Man suit! I've always worried about Transformers stepping on people.
Lucky21 Lucky21
Iron Man suit for sure. Transformers are just way way too big.
GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
Iron man suit! That would be so cool!
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I've never thought about it, but I'd probably choose transformer BF.
married with children married with children
I would take the suit.
Pink Jewel Pink Jewel
Iron Man
geliebt geliebt
I think it's very close, but I'd pick the transformer. Iron man suit would still be awesome, but I'm a complete pussy so I'd be too scared to make good use of it =P
poetprincess poetprincess
Originally posted by interestingstuff
Which would you rather have? A Transformer best friend or an Iron Man suit?
Transformers of course, Iron man is only one person they are many..
Eucaly Eucaly
The suit would bring problems.
butterflygirlxo butterflygirlxo
I would have to say Transformers because I havent seen Iron Man
null null
Iron Man! I'd love to have all those powers and JARVIS!
GeekWife GeekWife
I'm going with a transformer. If nothing else, you'd have a super bitchin' ride. Unless the Iron Man suit comes with my own Tony Stark and his money...
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I'd love an Iron Man suit!
Highmaintenancegirl916 Highmaintenancegirl916
Aberrant Aberrant
Iron man, it's more discreet and mobile, not to mention sexy
EnterTheFist EnterTheFist
Flight. Iron Man. /thread.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Transformer for sure! An Autobot for my best friend? I'd die of happiness. Any of my buddies could tell you that sentient giant robots are one of my favorite things EVER! Plus you'd get a sweet car in the deal (one that can drive itself, no less!).

Power suits, on the other hand, I find a little bit boring by comparison, awesome as they may be on their own.
interestingstuff interestingstuff
I guess I'd go with a transformer best friend. I probably would make use of all the things the Iron Man suit is capable of, and people would try to steal it from me, or bug me to use it. However, with a transformer best friend, I would get involved in robot alien wars, and possibly have a much shorter life span.
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