What TV channel is your television on, the most?

Bignuf Bignuf
Our TV is really set to Discovery Channel far more then any other. We watch Animal Planet, CNN, History, and Weather plus prime network shows we want to watch, but just for background, we are almost always on Discovery. What about your TV?
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laceypanties laceypanties
Jan 26, 2:06 am
smalltalkingbit smalltalkingbit
I don't watch a lot of TV, but my Netflix is usually set to shows like Orange is the New Black, Top Chef, Project Runway, and Scandal.
Jan 26, 11:53 am
Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
CBS in the evenings. ABC and KCRA in the mornings for the news. Love to see Tamara Berg, KCRA weather person. We do not have cable or satellite.
Jan 26, 7:16 pm
gehuwd gehuwd
BBC mostly watching top gear or dr who
Jan 26, 9:26 pm
ryansex ryansex
Disney Channel for the kids.
Jan 27, 9:51 am
RonLee RonLee
PBS or the Weather Channel
Jan 27, 10:48 pm
J&Hlover J&Hlover
Cartoon Network or Boomerang, by the time we get up usually Adventure Time or something like that is playing so we watch that. My husband works 4 pm to 12am sometimes 1 am so we sleep in until the afternoon maybe wake up around 1 pm after going to bed around 4 am. If nothing else we watch NCIS on the DVR.
Apr 3, 8:15 am
edeneve edeneve
not sure which channels they are, the only TV I watch, other than the premium channels are the ones that air Blacklist - great intrigue, and American Idol - exceptional talent.
Apr 3, 3:50 pm
MagneticDuke MagneticDuke
I don't really watch a lot of TV, but my parents tend to go back and forth between TV Land and Fox News. On the rare occasion I watch TV, it's typically the Discovery channel or History channel. The main reason I don't watch TV too much is because of all the intelligence-insulting ads the networks play these days.
Aug 2, 8:16 pm
toysforall toysforall
CBS has the most shows I consistently watch.
Sep 17, 8:14 pm
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