ugly americans

GravyCakes GravyCakes
anyone else watch this show? i think it's pretty funny. i saw a preview for the next episode where they beat the crap out of justin beiber, or someone who's supposed to represent him. i couldn't stop laughing & am excited to see it.
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Sinfully Sinfully
Never seen it before.
Ghost Ghost
I don't understand why there is so much mock-violence against the Beibs.. I mean, why really? He may have annoying music, but that's no reason to want to harm him, necessarily.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I missed the whole first season and don't quite get the show. Is it hell? Is it New York? Both?
froggiemoma froggiemoma
never seen it
Sammi Sammi
I've seen it a few times, between South Park and my new favorite (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). It's kind of funny
xylia xylia
haha i wanna see that. i dont really understand the hate for justin beiber either. i dont like him but it's interesting watching everybody else reaction toward him
toysforall toysforall
Sounds interesting, but haven't seen that one.
Beck Beck
Its great show we watch it!
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