A Walking Dead Nightmare...

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
So, I have made it clear that I like to watch Walking Dead. Not a ubber huge fan, but I still like it for what it is. Now my question is this, has a show ever seeped into your dreams? I ask because last night I had a Walking Dead dream, and even though it was a tad scarry and worrying, I f'n loved it. It was just nutso to the max. It went like this, and no...I'm not joking...
It was me, my wife, my younger brother, and a younger version of my son. We are in this huge church. My brother blows a hole in the wall with a bunch of grenades like a flippin pshyco, my son screams he was bit, my wife takes off with him, I open a secret pannel in the wall to find the sword from Zelda (No shit) only to find it was made from plastic. My brother is acting all nuts slicing zombies and laughing like a loon. We make it out, I find my son and look him over in a panic to find he's just bruised not bitten, my brother is still running through the street slashing zombies and laughing. It wa like a mix of Resident Evil and Walking Dead.
Anyways, there was more but lets keep it short. Have you ever had a dream based of a TV show before? If so please explain.
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
Zombie dreams are my most common night terrors/nightmares, followed by ghosts/evil spirits
I hardly ever have zombie nightmares which is surprising considering how much zombie media I consume!
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