What movie should I buy?

Ash1141 Ash1141
I was at Target last night and saw 2 movies that just came out. Can't afford both but want them both equally.
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Planet of the Apes
AngelvMaynard , Valentinka , Piña Colada , T&A1987 , Kitka , dv8 , Sinfully , eeep , IllBeYourLover , Mihoshi4301 , BlooJay , L&P3040 , lustylusty
13  (54%)
Fright Night
GONE! , wrmbreze
2  (8%)
Neither...they both sucked
SMichelle , freshbananas
2  (8%)
Just suck it up and buy both
Buy this one instead! (Explain below)
El-Jaro , FemmeFlo , JackRaiden
3  (12%)
Sammi , shcoo , Highmaintenancegirl916 , Lindsey123
4  (17%)
Total votes: 24
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AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
Planet of the Apes rocked! We saw it in the theater and I honestly was expecting much and walked out thinking it was amazing. I just bought it off Amazon to watch again while my kids are on Christmas break.
Piña Colada Piña Colada
I love Marky Mark
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Kitka Kitka
Planet of the Apes was pretty awesome. We all like watching it here in our house.
FemmeFlo FemmeFlo
Agreeing with JR. For $9/month, I get unlimited access to tons of movies and TV shows online, and for only a little more, I could get DVDs too. I just don't because I have a tendency to get them, and then not watch them and I realize that I paid $8 to have a movie sit around in my living room for a month without being watched.
JackRaiden JackRaiden
Originally posted by Ash1141
I was at Target last night and saw 2 movies that just came out. Can't afford both but want them both equally.
Another vote for Netflix, or rental. Both of those are worth a watch but not a buy in my book.
Sammi Sammi
If you didn't see them at the theater, I'd say rent them first. If you would watch them again, then buy them. If you don't like them as much as you thought you would, you're out a lot less money
Sinfully Sinfully
planet of the apes
Well, Fright Night has David Tennant shirtless so of course I recommend that.
IllBeYourLover IllBeYourLover
Planet of the apes
Highmaintenancegirl916 Highmaintenancegirl916
Femme Flo And JR Are Right Get NetFlix For A Low Price.
freshbananas freshbananas
Harry Potter!
Mihoshi4301 Mihoshi4301
Planet of the Apes looks really good.
Lindsey123 Lindsey123
Rent both?
L&P3040 L&P3040
I don't know that either are must own movies.
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