Where do you watch your favorite shows?

jmex83 jmex83
I have been dragging my gaming computer out to the living to hook up to the tv for our tv shows on netflix. (We don't have cable..) so of course my wife complains every time that big honkin' thing is hooked up because it takes up so much room in the corner and she can't get to things in the entertainment center.

Was wondering if anyone else hooks up their computers to the tv to watch stuff? Do you use laptops or pcs....do you just use the cable? We're workin' with the cheapest method we have and right now its comp to tv LOL
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EnChAnTiNg EnChAnTiNg
We have cable, and I either watch my shows in the living or the bedroom. A lot of nights the shows my husband like to watch are on at the same time mine are on... so I end up watching mine in the bedroom, while he watches his in the living room.
spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
I just watch broadcast when I watch tv. But there is nothing wrong with using the computer to watch netflix.
pestilence pestilence
I've modded my PS2 so that I can watch movies from an external hard drive. I did this for my parents' Wii as well. It works great since hooking up Macs to TVs is a hellish task and this was a much easier alternative.
Rod Martini Rod Martini
Netflix baby! u just can't beat $8
herMaster herMaster
I would but we cant hook our current laptop up to the computer.
CindyH CindyH
i have cableand watch tv in frontroom and bedroom
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