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My SO has decided that for my birthday/Christmas present, I get just over $300 to spend on things I wouldn't normally buy myself. I'm hoping to buy here and at liberator.com. Any suggestions?
I'm really hoping to get at least one Liberator piece.
I only consider vibrators that are waterproof, silicone and rechargeable.
I only like dildos that are silicone, glass or steel, with a preference for the slightly girthy.
All the toys I already own are listed as my favorites.
(I was going to buy a Zeppelin but recently found out it won't fit in my new dorm room)
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  • Buy 3 Items for $30
  • Save 20% on Luxury Toys
  • Pick Any 2 E-Stim Toys, Get 60% Off A Kit
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It would be funny if it would fit, and if anyone realized what it was while you moved in

The Liberator Flip Ramp works well because it compacts into what looks like a chair/ottoman. It's firm enough to actually support someone sitting in that position too.
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The Flip Ramp looks so cool! I'm seriously considering getting it, the cover, and the Cocoon...but I can get the Flip Ramp with points alone in a few days. O.O
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Figured it out, buying a Cocoon and a Throe, Flip Ramp to come later...
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