?Do you support laws banning cell phone use in a moving vehicle?

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?Do you support laws banning cell phone use in a moving vehicle?

Bignuf Bignuf
More cities are passing such laws. How do you feel about it?
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Peggi Peggi
I don't know...

I mean, I do recognize that talking while driving can be dangerous and HAS caused accidents...

But I've heard so many people say that they still talk on their phones or text while driving, and these laws don't make them stop it just means they have to be careful not to get caught, which means they are paying less attention to the road because they now have to look down in their lap vs holding it at steering wheel level. several admit to having needed to slam on the breaks on more than 1 occasion, and now while driving, in my head, EVERY other driver is this person texting or talking but hiding it and about to not realize what's going on and hit me! So it made me really paranoid, and the more people I've asked at random, the more worried I get.

Honestly, people are still going to do it, only now they're going to be more dangerous about it. I can't honestly say what the solution is other than don't make it illegal but make the punishments harsher if you are found to have caused an accident due to this. Because honestly, if they were gonna cause it for talking it would have happened either way. They'd still have been on that phone.
Scorpionwally Scorpionwally
They make hands free for a reason
Yes. Unfortunately people don't seem to follow the laws.
js250 js250
Since one of my daughter's best friends died from using a cell phone while driving I am so much for this law. i realize it is not an ultimate solution, but just like wearing a seatbelt--it will save some lives!!
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