50 shades of gray

Princess Zelda Princess Zelda
Did you read it? are you going to? How was it to you?
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Sera26 Sera26
I read the free preview on my e-reader and I'm definitely planning on buying it soon.
Mirachaya Mirachaya
I've heard a lot of mixed reviews so I am going to wait a bit before deciding. I have a lot of other books I'm reading at the moment anyways.
Lavendar Lavendar
Started reading it and put it down. It was boring,had terrible unrealistic characters, and the sex was just so corny. I honestly hated that garbage.
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
I've said plenty about it HERE and HERE.
LoveYouLikeThat LoveYouLikeThat
I tried to read it but it is horribly written. It's basically twilight meet BDSM.
Kitka Kitka
I read all three books and wasn't very impressed with any of them to be honest.
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