8 tiny things that stopped suicides

Jul!a Jul!a
"There are stories every day about some rescuer heroically stopping a suicide attempt -- breaking down a door, scooping someone off a ledge or cutting a noose down with a ninja star. But sometimes there's no strapping fireman or hero cop or friendly ninja, just one little silly thing between life and death."

This article touched me a little bit, and really reminded me that it is the little things that do count. You should read it, and then call maybe somebody you haven't talked to in a while. And if you have any stories like these, please share them if you feel comfortable doing so
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
I'm sad that no one commented on this. It's actually kind of sweet.
PeachieClean PeachieClean
I loved that, especially the one about the puppy.
Jaimes Jaimes
Wow, what a great article. I feel very inspired.
kadytheredpanda kadytheredpanda
I've been suicidal my entire life and I can guarantee you that when I was at my absolute lowest it took someone proving that they love me by talking to me to stop me from doing it. Sometimes it takes something as simple as a song to make you snap out of your suicidal feelings, even if it is for awhile.

All of the things in the article were heartwarming, especially the puppy and the guy that lives by the suicide cliff.
Jul!a Jul!a
Thank you all for reading it now, and commenting. I'm glad to see this worthwhile article getting some more attention
Eucaly Eucaly
This reminds me of all those studies that show making bridge railings higher and more difficult to climb leads to a dramatic drop in suicides, and all the legal fights to get them installed on more bridges.
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