We saw a real live mountain lion crossing the road!!!!!!

Bignuf Bignuf
What is the strangest thing you ever saw crossing the road? We were driving just in suburban neiborhood...and there it was, at a mild trot, right across the road between two houses. We called the police and they laughed at us. They said there are a number of mountain lions around here...it's just most people don't see them. Yikes. Been here on and off for a few months and didn't know that.
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geliebt geliebt
Living in arizona, I see javelinas crossing the road all the damn time never seen a mountain lion, though!
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
Mine was also a mountain lion when I was on a road trip. I forget which state we were in at the time though.
js250 js250
Beautiful animal wasn't it? I love the grace and beauty of them...just not when I am riding a dirtbike on a road below them!!! THAT scared the hell out of me--especially when it was still keeping up with me a mile later.....I goosed the throttle and climbed the bank and the lion took off once we were at the same elevation level. Whew!!!!!!! I did not want to have to grab my pistol and cause any damage to an animal whose habitat I was infringing upon...
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