A Spark

peachmarie peachmarie
Hey guys, just wondering how often you feel a "spark" or "chemistry" with a person? It doesn't have to be sexual just more of a feeling of connection with a person, If you have a significant other how do you deal with it? I have found myself having sparks with two people recently, both of whom I knew I wouldn't even be able to have friendships with but it bums me out and makes my heart ache just a little. I am a girl and have only had "sparks" with one other girl and I just met this girl while helping someone move and will never see her again but thinking about her I can still feel it. Just wondering how you guys know when you've got chemistry with someone and how you proceed.
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Ansley Ansley
It doesn't happen very often but (and if I am being completely honest here) when it does happen it's usually because hubby and I are on the outs. It fades and we get back on track and I don't go there.
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