How would you plan an intimate picnic?

Mr. John Mr. John
If you were planning an intimate picnic with that special person, what would you pack along? Possibly some champagne, and maybe bread and cheese for example. Would you bring along a blanket, or several blankets? Where would you have your picnic? Please share with us.
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Sammi Sammi
Wine, and grapes - I think it's romantic to feed them to each other We'd bring along a few blankets, and it'd be at the lake. At the lake I've been to, there are several secluded areas right by the water - it's rocky, so the blankets would be needed.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Simple finger foods, as well as a sandwich so hunger doesn't ruin the enjoyment
misskat misskat
Recently for a brunch time picnic, I found small individual bottles of champagne and took those, along with small bottles of orange juice for mimosas. I also packed bread and cheese, a pasta salad from the deli, various cut fruits and some little petit four cakes.
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